Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Top Universities Of Australia

University*Aus Rank(World Rank)
University of Melbourne1(60)
Australian National University (ANU)2(70)
University of Queensland3(86)
University of Sydney4(96)
University of Western Australia (UWA)5(102-150)
Monash University6-7(151-200)
University of New South Wales (UNSW)6-7(152-200)
Macquarie University8-9(201-300)
University of Adelaide8-9(201-300)
Flinders University10-13(301-400)
James Cook University10-13(301-400)
University of Newcastle10-13(301-400)
University of Tasmania10-13(301-400)
Curtin University14-19(401-500)
Griffith University14-19(401-500)
La Trobe University14-19(401-500)
Swinburne University of Technology14-19(401-500)
University of Technology, Sydney14-19(401-500)
University of Wollongong14-19(401-500)

How much should One spend on a Diamond Engagement Ring?

All that a diamond engagement ring symbolizes is priceless. But while purchasing one you have to be Sol. Ringpractical. So, how much should one spend on this significant purchase? Today, two month’s salary is generally considered to be a good guideline. Planning a wedding can be an expensive time, but remember that costly receptions and honeymoons quickly become a memory, and fairytale wedding dresses will be worn once and then quickly fade. However a diamond will be with you forever and will be a constant sparkling reflection of your love for each other. 
How to care for your diamonds and it’s setting:
Diamonds need care to keep them at their brilliant best. A clean diamond reflects light better than one that has been dulled by skin oil, soap, cosmetics and grease. So it is important to clean your diamonds regularly. It is also possible to clean your diamonds at home with commercial jewelry cleaners and a mixture of ammonia, detergent and warm water. Soak the diamond in the solution (the dirtier it is the longer it will need) and then scrub gently with a soft brush. Making sure the plug is in the sink, rinse well with water, and dry with a soft lint-free cloth. 
Do not wear your diamond ring while doing rough work and don’t let your diamond jewelry come into contact with chemicals as the setting may pit or discolour. It is advisable to take you jewelry for a professional clean and polish every year.

Different settings for your diamond

  • Bezel Set:
    Diamond set in a sleeve of gold, rubbed over al the way around.
  • Channel Set: A diamond set in a row with a strip of gold either side to hold the diamonds in place. 
  • Claw set: A diamond set with each claw bent over to secure the stone. 
  • Pave/Grain set: Diamonds set close together, held in place with grains of gold.
Treated diamonds: 
There are a number of ways in which diamonds can be ‘treated’. Care should be taken when repairing any jewellery containing treated diamonds. If you know the diamonds it treated, tell the jeweler!
  • Laser drilled: The drilling literally ‘burns’ out an inclusion. Can sometimes be seen as a fine line or tube. 
  • Fracture filled: Laser drilled and filled with a ‘ceramic’ type substance close in density to diamond. The filling lessens the ability to see the inclusions. Can sometimes be detected by a faint mauve ‘flash’ under magnification. 
  • Irradiated: Artificially coloured by electron bombardment. The coloration is permanent and typically includes green, blue and yellow.