Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Different settings for your diamond

  • Bezel Set:
    Diamond set in a sleeve of gold, rubbed over al the way around.
  • Channel Set: A diamond set in a row with a strip of gold either side to hold the diamonds in place. 
  • Claw set: A diamond set with each claw bent over to secure the stone. 
  • Pave/Grain set: Diamonds set close together, held in place with grains of gold.
Treated diamonds: 
There are a number of ways in which diamonds can be ‘treated’. Care should be taken when repairing any jewellery containing treated diamonds. If you know the diamonds it treated, tell the jeweler!
  • Laser drilled: The drilling literally ‘burns’ out an inclusion. Can sometimes be seen as a fine line or tube. 
  • Fracture filled: Laser drilled and filled with a ‘ceramic’ type substance close in density to diamond. The filling lessens the ability to see the inclusions. Can sometimes be detected by a faint mauve ‘flash’ under magnification. 
  • Irradiated: Artificially coloured by electron bombardment. The coloration is permanent and typically includes green, blue and yellow.